Meet The Founders.

Scientists empowering scientists for faster, safer and easier discoveries.

Mathias Mangion

Mathias Mangion

Co-founder, president and CTO

Mathias has a laboratory technician diploma, a master’s degree in biotechnology and a Ph.D in chemical engineering. He has more then 15 years of experience in the field of biotechnology and has developed strong knowledge in biomolecules and viral vectors manufacturing process. 

Mathias is passionate with scientific innovations and is always looking for ingenious ways to bring a positive impact on the health industry. 

Juliette Champeil

Juliette Champeil

Co-founder and CEO

Juliette has a bio-industry engineer diploma and is currently a chemical engineering Ph.D. candidate. Thanks to her education, she developed an interdisciplinary knowledge base on bioprocess development and project management. 

Juliette is driven by the will to offer innovative solutions to the health industry’s problem in order to making it even more performant.

The Technology.

Our biomimicking technology allow us to create innovative detection tools that are able to reproduce complex biological interactions in in-vitro assays. 


Our technology can be used in many applications.

Discover our products and see how they can fit your needs.


Our products can be used for validated vaccine effiency and to run some evaluation assays.


Our products can be used to do some neutralizing molecules discoveries.

Serological Diagnosis

Our products can be used to do some human and animal serological diagnosis.

Immunotherapy and treatment

Our products can be used for development of immunotherapy and treatment against infectious diseases.


Using synthetic biology method, we don’t use product coming from animal

The use of sustainable resources.

In the field of biotechnology, avoiding animal derived product is a challenge. However, this is of great importance for Ivano Bioscience. Therefore, we are doing our best to use sustainable resources in all our process from development to shipping.