Validated Pseudovirus

for Influenza, Ebola, SARS-CoV-2 and more…

Pseudovirus viral vector production for neutralization assays using our manufacturing processes

Our advantages

IVANO Bioscience offers validated pseudoviruses enabling scientists to perform functional assays such as virus neutralization tests in a BSL-2 laboratory. Our viral vector production platform is optimized to provide you several tens of ml of concentrated pseudovirus in a same lot.

Functional validation report

Infection efficiency and neutralization assay are provided for each production batch. Additional validation assays on demand.

Large batch size

Get reproducible and consistent results along your project by using the same production batch. Minimum volume of 5ml.

Pseudotype customization

Influenza, Ebola and SARS-CoV-2 pseudotypes are available. Contact us for specific needs.

Reporter genes

GFP or luciferase expression level are optimized for more sensitive detection. Other reporter genes on demand.

Pseudovirus Library

Our catalog evolves depending on your needs. Presently, we provide pseudoviruses for some influenza, ebola and SARS-CoV-2. Contact us if you do not find the pseudoviruses you need.

Influenza A



Other viruses



For additionnal information, please contact us.

Permits & Restrictions

Import permit must be obtained or statement from the government that no import permit is necessary and sent in advance of shipment to with the object: Import permit – Company name.

USA Requirements

Canada Requirements

International Requirements

Discover the AbVengerTM kits for simpler neutralization assays

Modeling the native cell-virus interaction realism without any cells and virus, fitting in automated workstations, BSL-1 compatible, get results within the day. The AbVengerTM kits will accelerate and facilitate your vaccine and drug development against infectious diseases.


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Increase your analytical performances with IVANO Bioscience’s neutralization tools.

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