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Competitive advantages

The AbVengerTM kits are new generation of surrogate virus neutralization tests combining all advantages in one product. Using artificial cells and artificial viruses (AVNIRTM technology), the AbVengerTM kits are more biologically realistic than ELISA-based assays since they mimic the complexity of molecular interactions between living cells and native viruses. The AbVengerTM kits are also BSL-1 compatible, cell culture-free, automatable and they provide accurate data in a day.

All benefits in one product

The AbVengerTM kits are biomimetic surrogate virus neutralization tests designed to bypass the need for expensive and time-consuming cell culture, reducing lab work errors. In addition, the AbVengerTM kits can be easily implemented in labs to increase high-throughput screening, decrease development times, provide accurate data, reduce costs, and ultimately accelerate the availability of efficient vaccines and drugs to populations faster. The AbVengerTM kits can detect several neutralizing and blocking molecules such as antibodies, peptides, aptamers, and chemicals.

Biologically realistic

Biomimicry technology to simulate native interactions

Reduced biosafety requirements

Artificial cells and artificial viruses are BSL-1 compatible


Cell culture-free, simple protocol and no sterility requirement

High-throughput screening

Provide data within hours and fit in automated workstations

Several viral models

See available viral models and ask for special demands

Abvenger-kit performance overview - Detection of various neutralizing molecules Abvenger-kit performance overview - Screening of neutralizing Abs Abvenger-kit performance overview - Screening of sera Abvenger-kit performance overview - Identification of the protective spectrum of vaccines
The new generation technology used in IVANO Bioscience’s neutralization bioassay kit


The AbVengerTM virus neutralization kits are the first products based on the AVNIRTM technology. This technology enables the customization and manufacturing of artificial structures that mimic the diversity and complexity of living cells and native virus outer surfaces.

Those artificial cells and artificial viruses can display a range of biomolecules such as receptors, co-receptors, antigens, enzymes, and various types of other proteins and lipids. These biomolecules maintain their biological functions since they keep native full-length, conformation, and post-translational modifications. Additionally, these artificial structures can interact with each other to model the first steps of viral infections as closely as possible to what happens in nature.

The AbVenger kit, a new generation technology for neutralization bioassay kit, useful in vaccine and immunotherapy development

Kit contents

Designed to be easy-to-use for lab technicians as well as in automated workstations. The AbVengerTM kits use a simple mix-&-read protocol to get accurate data.

Coated artificial cells

Microplates with multiple well formats

Artificial viruses

Ready to mix with samples


Positive and negative controls


For washes and dilutions

Test principle

The AbVengerTM virus neutralization kits are bioassays aiming at reflecting the mechanism of action of viral infections. They are hybrid assays combining the best part of ELISA assay- and cell-based assay- principles.

Principe of the AbVenger bioassay kit as a surrogate neutralizing antibody detection assay - Step 1

Step 1 - Make the mix

Incubate samples with artificials viruses. If present in samples, specific neutralizing antibodies bind to artificial viruses.

Principe of the AbVenger bioassay kit as a surrogate neutralizing antibody detection assay - Step 2

Step 2 - Drop off the mix

Incubate the mix with artificial cells. Unbound artificial viruses interact with artificial cells. Neutralized artificial viruses fail to bind.

Principe of the AbVenger bioassay kit as a surrogate neutralizing antibody detection assay - Step 3

Step 3 - Wash the wells

Remove unbound artificial viruses and other molecules

Principe of the AbVenger bioassay kit as a surrogate neutralizing antibody detection assay - Step 4

Step 4 - Read the signal

Detect the signal brightness with a common plate reader. The signal intensity is correlated with the neutralization level.

Several pseudotyped artificial viruses and artificial cells can be generated in the AbVenger neutralizing bioassay detection kit

AbVengerTM Kit models

The AbVengerTM kits are presently under development and can be adapted for enveloped and non-enveloped viruses. Available infectious models will evolve over time depending on your need.

Models under development:






For additionnal information, please contact us.

Manual user

Performance data


Use & Recommendations


Detection of virus neutralizing and blocking molecules.

Sample types

Serum and plasma from human and animal species.

Regulatory status

Research Use Only. Not intended for any clinical use.


Please, conduct a risk assessment of your project before use.

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AbVengerTM kits – Step into the next generation of neutralization assays?


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