Expedite your Neutralization Assays

Pseudoviruses and kits for evaluating the effectiveness of vaccines and antibodies

Pseudoviruses for neutralizing antibody (NAbs) detection assays for vaccine development

Validated pseudoviruses

Keep your focus, we produce your pseudovirus

IVANO Bioscience offers validated pseudoviruses enabling scientists to perform functional assays such as virus neutralization tests in a BSL-2 laboratory. Whether you develop vaccines or antiviral drugs (e.g. monoclonal antibodies), our production platform was optimized to provide you with scalable volumes of pseudoviruses and hence, support you from research to clinical development.

Functional validation

Transduction efficiency and neutralization assay

Scalable volumes

Get reproducible results throughout your project

Pseudotype customization

Pseudoviruses on catalogue and custom production service

Efficient and affordable

Freshly produced, highly efficient and concentrated

Accelerating the vaccine and drug development pipeline against infectious diseases

IVANO Bioscience develops, manufactures and provides innovative analytical tools to accelerate the development pipeline of vaccines and drugs against infectious diseases. While our pseudoviruses and custom service support your standard potency assays, the AbVengerTM kits were designed to elevate your laboratory to a higher level for faster development of next-generation vaccines and antiviral drugs.

The AbVenger kit, a new generation technology for neutralization bioassay kit, useful in vaccine and immunotherapy development

AbVengerTM Kits for neutralization assays

Get biologically relevant results in just 3 hours without any cell culture

The AbVengerTM kits allow you to reliably evaluate the effectiveness of your vaccines and antiviral drugs more simply and quickly than with the other bioassays. The kits use a “brillant” technology that mimicks the complexicity of the interactions between cells and viruses without any cell nor viral particle.

Deliver results in 3 hours

Ready-to-use reagents with a mix-and-read protocol

Ensure biological relevance

Mimick the complexity of the native interactions

Compatible with BSL-1 labs

Free of cell culture and virus

Aligned with standard analysis processes

Fit with common plate readers and automated workstations

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Elevate your laboratory at a higher level with IVANO’s pseudoviruses and kits.

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