29 April 2024

Pseudovirus: A Versatile Tool for Vaccine and Antiviral Drug Development

What is a pseudovirus? A pseudovirus is an engineered non-infectious virus that mimics the entry process of a pathogenic virus. It is designed to display a specific viral envelope protein of interest

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29 March 2024

IVANO Bioscience to participate to the WVC Washington 2024!

This year we are thrilled to be part of the company that will attend the World Vaccine Congress 2024 and have a booth at the start-up zone! We're looking forward to connecting with the vaccine indu

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25 March 2024

Now offering a validated influenza H3 pseudovirus!

Assess your Pan-influenza vaccines and antiviral solution using IVANO Bioscience's influenza pseudovirus library! IVANO Bioscience is now offering a validated influenza H3 pseudovirus (H3N2) in an

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13 March 2024

Influenza H5 pseudovirus now available in our library!

We are making it easier to develop new vaccine technologies and prevent potential future outbreaks coming from avian influenza! IVANO Bioscience is now offering a validated influenza H5 pseudovirus

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10 February 2024

Ebola Zaire pseudovirus is joining IVANO Bioscience’s library!

Need to simplify your neutralization assay against Ebola virus? IVANO Bioscience is now offering a safe and efficient solution for you an Ebola Zaire pseudovirus with GFP or luciferase report syste

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1 January 2024

IVANO Bioscience is opening its pseudovirus customization service

While developing the AbVenger Kit, our scientists had to set up a pseudovirus production platform to correlate the kit's performances with a standard method. Having developed several pseudoviruses

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16 November 2023

Entreprendre Ici awarded one of its honorific grants to IVANO Bioscience!

A few weeks ago, we were excited to share that IVANO Bioscience was selected among the 50 finalists who had the chance to pitch their company in front of the jury of Entreprendre Ici. On November 1

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27 October 2023

IVANO Bioscience select among Entreprendre Ici’s 50 honorific finalists!

The honorific grants awarded by Entreprendre Ici and the Ministère de l'Économie, de l'Innovation et de l'Énergie (MEIE) have been created to support the ethnocultural diversity entrepreneurs who

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14 June 2023

IVANO Bioscience to attend the Symposium: Transforming Canada’s biomanufacturing market

The "Transforming Canada’s biomanufacturing market" symposium hosted by 3M Canada in collaboration with the National Research Council Canada and BIOQuébec, aimed to gather Quebec's pharmaceutical n

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17 May 2023

Quebec city to support IVANO Bioscience trough its Quebec Challenge grant!

We are proud to announce that IVANO Bioscience will receive a 50,000 grant from Quebec City! We are grateful to Quebec City for supporting us in the commercialization of our pseudovirus manufacturi

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