7 March 2023

Esplanade has awarded IVANO Bioscience with a research grant!

Esplanade and the Fonds de recherche du Québec have joined forces to support entrepreneurial and scientific innovation in Quebec. The two organizations have created grants that aim at initiating new

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28 February 2023

Public Health Agency of Canada grants IVANO Bioscience an export licence

To produce and export biological products while ensuring public safety, biotech companies need to obtain several licences and permits from governmental institutes. We are thrilled to announce that,

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15 February 2023

Our co-founder participated to a podcast about women in science and entrepreneurship

IVANO Bioscience's cofounder, Juliette Champeil, was invited to participate in the podcast named Startup Wednesdays, hosted by Khatidja Kassam. With Nadia Koukoui they discussed challenges and opportu

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19 December 2022

IVANO Bioscience awarded during the Gala of L’Académie Entrepreneurial ULaval-CDPQ

Last year, our co-founder Mathias participated in the Académie entrepreneuriale ULaval-CDPQ program. This entrepreneurial program offered by the Laval University Faculty of Science and Administration

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18 April 2022

IVANO Bioscience to participate to the WVC Washington 2022!

The World Vaccine Congress 2022, taking place in Washington DC, is one of the biggest networking events for the vaccine industry. During this congress, the vaccine community can discuss lessons learne

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12 April 2022

IVANO Bioscience has been awarded a Fillion grant!

IVANO Bioscience had the honor of receiving one of the grants awarded by Mr. Fillion. This grant will have a propelling effect on the company by helping it pursue the development of its AbVenger kit.

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10 July 2021

NRC to support IVANO Bioscience in the development of the AbVenger kit

Developing a cutting-edge technology takes time, energy, and many resources. We are proud to announce that IVANO Bioscience will receive the support of the IRAP-NRC through its PRA program to develop

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11 May 2021

IVANO Bioscience awarded during OSEntreprendre regional contest

« Alone, we go faster; but together we go much further! » That is the motto of the prestigious contest OSEntreprendre challenge, in which Ivano Bioscience is competing. This motto perfectly matches

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13 April 2021

IVANO Bioscience is a local prizewinner of OSEntreprendre Challenge!

We are proud to announce that Ivano Bioscience is one of the winners of the OSEntreprendre Challenge in the business creation section for the category: innovation, technology, and technic. We are now

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29 May 2020

IVANO Bioscience awarded with a Envol grant

The Envol grant is a scholarship, offered by EGGENIUS, that aims to encourage and support the Laval University Science and Engineering Faculty's entrepreneurial community to accelerate the creation of

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