AVNIRTM Technology

Functionalized vesicles accelerating vaccine and drug discoveries

Artificial membrane made by biotechnology engineering for vaccine development

Biomimetic inspired

The AVNIRTM technology relies on functionalizable artificial vesicles able to reproduce the native complexity and diversity of cell and virus surface composition using synthetic biology.

AVNIR biotechnology: Artificial vesicles for natural interaction replication for vaccine development applications

Artificial cells and artificial pathogens are interacting to simulate the natural process - Ivano Bioscience

Molecular mimicry

The AVNIRTM technology accurately mimics interactions between virus and host cells using functionalized artificial vesicles. The outer membrane of these artificial cells and artificial viruses is made of biological molecules originally found in their natural model (receptors, co-receptors, antigens, enzymes, and other proteins and lipids). Those biomolecules are biologically functional since they keep their original full-length, conformation, and post-translational modifications.

Customizable receptors and antigens of artificial particles - Ivano Bioscience

Custom bioparticles

The AVNIRTM technology enables customization of the artificial vesicle’s surface by displaying several types of biomolecules from different cell types and virus strains. Therefore, several viruses and host cells can be mimicked by creating chimeric biological nanoparticles.

The new generation technology used in IVANO Bioscience’s neutralization bioassay kit

Brilliantly engineered

The artificial cells and artificial viruses can be engineered to be bright, enabling their detection with common optical instruments. Different types of light signals can be used such as fluorescence and luminescence read out.

The AbVenger kit, a new generation technology for neutralization bioassay kit, useful in vaccine and immunotherapy development

Upgraded bioassays

Bioassays are essential tools for drug and vaccine development. They contribute to drive decision-making throughout the discovery process to ultimately bring new therapeutic solutions to patients. More performant bioassays lead to more successful drug and vaccine development, improving human and animal health.

The AVNIRTM technology is an innovative solution to remove cell culture and virus limitations identified in conventional cell-based assays while maintaining a biological realism. Using this technology, IVANO Bioscience’s team is developing next-generation surrogate neutralization assay products called AbVengerTM kits.

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What kind of cells can be mimicked?

What kind of virus can be mimicked?

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