Kits for Neutralization Assays

Easy detection of neutralizing antibodies in 3 hours!

Streamlining Neutralization Tests

The AbVengerTM kits are biomimetic surrogate virus neutralization tests designed to eliminate the need for costly and time-consuming cell culture, thereby reducing laboratory errors. Furthermore, these kits can be seamlessly integrated into laboratories to enhance high-throughput screening, shorten development timelines, ensure data accuracy, lower expenses, and ultimately expedite the availability of effective vaccines and antiviral drugs to populations. The AbVengerTM kits can detect various neutralizing and blocking agents, including antibodies, peptides, aptamers, and chemicals.

Biologically realistic

Utilizing biomimicry technology to replicate native interactions

Deliver results in 3 hours

Ready-to-use reagents for a mix, incubate, and read protocol

Reduced biosafety requirements

Both artificial cells and artificial viruses are compatible with BSL-1


With a simple protocol, it's cell culture- and virus-free, and has no sterility requirements

High-throughput screening

Compatible with standard plate readers and automated workstations

Abvenger-kit performance overview - Detection of various neutralizing molecules Abvenger-kit performance overview - Screening of neutralizing Abs Abvenger-kit performance overview - Screening of sera Abvenger-kit performance overview - Identification of the protective spectrum of vaccines
The new generation technology used in IVANO Bioscience’s neutralization bioassay kit


The AbVengerTM virus neutralization kits are the first products to utilize AVNIRTM technology. This innovative technology enables the customization and manufacturing of artificial structures that accurately mimic the diversity and complexity of living cells and the outer surfaces of native viruses.

These artificial cells and viruses can display a wide range of biomolecules, including receptors, co-receptors, antigens, enzymes, and various types of proteins and lipids. Importantly, these biomolecules retain their biological functions as they maintain native full-length, conformation, and post-translational modifications. Furthermore, these artificial structures can interact with each other to model the initial steps of viral infections as closely as possible to natural occurrences.

Unlocking Next-Level Testing

The AbVengerTM kits epitomize the next generation of surrogate virus neutralization tests, encompassing a wide array of advantages within a single product. Powered by AVNIRTM technology, which employs artificial cells and viruses, our kits achieve unparalleled biological realism by accurately replicating the intricate molecular interactions observed in natural virus-cell interactions. Additionally, our kits boast compatibility with BSL-1 laboratories, eliminate the need for cell culture, can be seamlessly automated, and yield precise results in just 3 hours.”

The AbVenger kit, a new generation technology for neutralization bioassay kit, useful in vaccine and immunotherapy development

Contents of the kit

The AbVengerTM kits are designed to be user-friendly for lab technician and automated workstations. They are presented in the form of 96-well plates with ready-to-use reagents. The simple mix-and-read protocol delivers accurate data rapidly without requiring modifications to your analytical process.

Micro-well plates

Artificial viruses and cells

Control samples



The use of AbVengerTM kits consists of 5 steps that take approximately 3 hours. The first step involves coating artificial cells onto the micro-well plate. The second step is incubating artificial viruses with the samples. Next, the third step involves incubating the previous mixes with the artificial cells coated on the micro-well plate. Following this, the fourth step is a washing procedure, and finally, the fifth step entails reading the results using a common plate reader.

Principe of the AbVenger bioassay kit as a surrogate neutralizing antibody detection assay - Step 1

Step 1 - Make the mix

Incubate samples with artificials viruses. If present in samples, specific neutralizing antibodies bind to artificial viruses.

Principe of the AbVenger bioassay kit as a surrogate neutralizing antibody detection assay - Step 2

Step 2 - Drop off the mix

Incubate the mix with artificial cells. Unbound artificial viruses interact with artificial cells. Neutralized artificial viruses fail to bind.

Principe of the AbVenger bioassay kit as a surrogate neutralizing antibody detection assay - Step 3

Step 3 - Wash the wells

Remove unbound artificial viruses and other molecules

Principe of the AbVenger bioassay kit as a surrogate neutralizing antibody detection assay - Step 4

Step 4 - Read the signal

Detect the signal brightness with a common plate reader. The signal intensity is correlated with the neutralization level.

Several pseudotyped artificial viruses and artificial cells can be generated in the AbVenger neutralizing bioassay detection kit

AbVengerTM Kit models

The AbVengerTM kits are presently under development and can be adapted to detect neutralizing antibodies against enveloped and non-enveloped viruses.






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Performance data


Use & Recommendations


Detection of virus neutralizing and blocking molecules.

Sample types

Serum and plasma from human and animal species.

Regulatory status

Research Use Only. Not intended for any clinical use.


Please, conduct a risk assessment of your project before use.

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